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Shadow the Therapy Dog!

Seabrae Manor Aged Care has regular visits from a very special therapy friend.

He is fluffy, has four legs and goes by the name of Shadow. It is Shadow the Labrador dog.

Shadow and is a qualified therapy dog. He is trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in the likes of aged care homes. Animal assisted therapy can play a significant part of treatment for people that are physically, socially, emotionally or cognitively challenged. It can especially benefit seniors. Animals, especially dogs help provide us with companionship and lift our spirits.

Shadow visits our residents on a fortnightly basis. When he is in the building, all the residents line up for some pats, affection and love. They even check the calendar to know what days he is coming in. Some of our residents love to reminisce about their previous beloved pets when they see him.

Everyone looks forward to cuddles, pats and watching him do tricks. Shadow enjoys all the pats and attention. There is no shortage of hugs when Shadow visits us!

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