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Random Acts of Kindness

Seabrae Manor Aged Care have a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ activity.

This activity allows staff and family members to nominate a worthy staff member, who has gone out of their way, showed a little extra kindness, or made a difference in somebody else’s life.

To be nominated, a form needs to be filled out and placed into the box provided in the community coffee hub. Each month a resident draws out one name and they are selected as the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ winner for the month.

The prize is a VIP car park for the month, invitation to our Fine Dining lunch and a small gift. This has been a positive success with all our beautiful residents getting involved and keeping a quiet eye out for someone to nominate.

All our winners’ photos are displayed in our coffee hub and staff room. Each image is accompanied with a little profile and how they performed their random act of kindness.

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