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The Art Tile Project

Over the last 8 weeks, students from Grace Lutheran College have been visiting our residents at Seabrae Manor Aged Care.

Together they have combined all their art skills and have been working on a special ‘Art Tile Project’. These beautiful, colourful tiles are displayed on our raised garden beds in our Moreton courtyard.

When the project finished, there was an unveiling morning tea for all the staff, student, residents and teachers. There was a little presentation of a special book which was given to Jenny Barnes, the Art Teacher at the College. Residents also watched a special movie of themselves interacting with the students and making the tiles.

Our intergenerational activities help build positive relationships between seniors and the younger generation. It’s a great way for the two groups to meet and connect. The concept of these activities is based on the idea that by combining the both groups together, they can bring new energy, enthusiasm and knowledge to each other’s lives.

Research has proven that these types of intergenerational interactions have fantastic benefits for everyone! The younger generation have a better sense of who they are, and the older generation show an increase in positivity and improvements in their health.

The students and residents can’t wait for the next activity together!

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