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Australia Day Week!

Seabrae Manor have decided to celebrate Australia day for an entire week!

The theme of the week was the ‘Aussie Outback’. The courtyard was transformed into a camping ground complete with a camp oven! Residents made delicious traditional damper drizzled with butter and honey.

There were a few games of cricket, crafts, quizzes and even had a thong throwing contest! Later in the afternoons, there was an ‘Aussie Concert’ that was held by the residents as they all got together and sang old Australian songs.

We had special visit from the Gecko Wildlife Group. Along with them the brought a few friends; Donatello the long neck turtle, a tawny Frogmouth Own, snakes and even a baby crocodile. Yikes! Residents loved the surprise visit and couldn’t resist patting the animal, some even were given a little kiss!

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