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Lights, carols, ACTION!

During Christmas time, Seabrae Manor Aged Care celebrated with lots of fun activities and outings.

Residents participated in the annual Christmas Light bus trip. They were off to see Sandgate Uniting Church – they were the winners of the 4K Christmas Light competition 2018 for Brisbane!

Residents, staff and volunteers travelled by coach to view the beautifully lit streets and church’s display of lights. There was glowing angels, a large Christmas tree, bright flashing lights and more. Residents even wore neon bracelets for the occasion! They finished off the night with a nice hot cup of tea and a slice of Christmas cake.

There was also a night of Christmas carols which is always a big hit! The Caboolture Community Choir brought their heavenly voices and entertained all the residents and their families. Everyone was then treated to a beautiful supper spread hosted by the staff.

To complete the festivities, residents had their photos taken and placed in a Christmas themed frame! These were sent to families as gifts and some were proudly hung on their doors!

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