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Would you like to Dance?

Ballroom dancers Belinda and Lester waltzed into Seabrae Manor for our Masquerade Ballroom Dancing event. They showcased their elegance and fabulous dancing skills much to our resident’s delight.

It was their second visit and they still managed to draw a huge audience. It is a highlight on our calendar. They are ranked 3rd in Australia in the masters division and recently returned from Blackpool, UK where they competed against over one thousand dancers. They returned with a 23rd placing, in the world.

Some of our residents commented “They look like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire”. Belinda and Lester performed traditional, contemporary and modern dances. Residents were encouraged to join in and many accepted.

Having a chance to dance with Belinda or Lester was exciting for the residents as they could learn moves from professionals at the top of their game. It was also an opportunity for residents to engage in physical activity and to improve their cognitive skills through co-ordination and concentration. They enjoyed reminiscing as many of the residents have competed in ballroom dancing competitions throughout their lives. To be able to share and enjoy the music and dancing again was a magical experience for them.

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