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The amazing race!

Hold onto your horses ladies and gentlemen, the Melbourne Cup is finally here! Everyone down at Seabrae Manor has been struck with Cup fever!

Seabrae Manor has embraced the Melbourne Cup spirit and celebrated the exciting event on Tuesday 6th November. There was a lot of fun activities happening and everyone was getting involved. In amongst all the fascinators and glasses of champagne, the residents could be seen having a laugh and having fun. The atmosphere was incredible.

There was a sweep stake, where each person drew a name at random and if that horse won, they would win! It was all up to their luck. When the race was starting, everyone galloped their way to the big screen to see if their horse was in the lead.

There was a personalised Melbourne Cup play list featuring all the best tunes, a fun quiz, some tasty nibbles and live entertainment. There was also a lucky door prize and 2 best dressed winners! All the resident and staff are counting down the days until the next Melbourne Cup.

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