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Have you shopped at the Memory Lane Store?

A Memory Lane shopping experience has been carefully created by the home to help its residents who live with Dementia: Alzheimer’s feel more comfortable amongst things that are familiar to them. It can also help them recall memories from their past.

The idea came about as residents and their families would share their experiences about doing everyday tasks such as shopping. They would reminisce about needing to go to the shops to buy milk, a loaf of bread or a dress. These tasks gave residents a sense of purpose.

The Lifestyle team brained stormed and thought of recreating the typical stores from the past. They researched, planned and shopped, then shopped some more. They created the ‘Memory Lane Store’ which is open for business. Pat Smythe, the resident who brought this idea to life was given the honour to cut the ribbon during opening.

Items within the store include picture frames, purses, clothing items and plenty of nic-nacs. The cost of items range from 20c to a few dollars. Staff sourced donated goods, second hand items and hand made products.

There is also a small quantity of fresh specialty fruit for sale, and a ‘Memory Lane Store-Milk Bar’ where residents enjoy a complimentary milk shake just like they use to. The store opens once a month and before each opening, staff spend time with residents creating a shopping list.

We wanted to recreate the experience of shopping for the residents. We have achieved this and more. The ‘Memory Lane Store’ is a meeting point where residents enjoy scouring for bargains, socialise and reminisce. We also open the shop up to the whole facility after lunch. It is a social event where families and staff join in and share the experience..

For further information please phone Seabrae Manor Aged Care (07) 3053 3333

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