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Use of Creative Arts in Dementia

Dementia is symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain. It influences thinking, behaviour and the ability to undertake daily tasks. The brain function is affected and can interfere with a person’s normal social or working life.

The creative arts provide ideal opportunities to exercise the imagination, which remain intact through much of the course of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. (Cohen, 2006)

Whilst short term memory will continue to be less than effective, the capacity to create seems to transcend the damage to the brain caused by the disease.

Tangible contact with different types of objects and materials engage not only a sense of touch and thinking but also feeling of appreciation for the properties of different materials and their inherent potential and results.

Creative expression activities such as visual arts, music, storytelling etc are non pharmacological approaches with the potential to enhance the quality of life for person living with dementia. (Basting and Killick, 2003).

Engagement in creative arts has the potential to reveal the still remaining strengths that a person living with dementia has and the artwork created is a visual reminder that persons living with dementia can still accomplish and learn things….helping other to see beyond the limitations to the individuals strengths and beauty.

Seabrae Manor Aged Care Living has a Dementia specific wing at the home and provides specialised care and accommodation for loved ones with Dementia or similar related needs. To find out more about the home or our beautiful suites, call Joyce Stephan (Business Development Manager) on 3053 3333.

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