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World Diabetes Day - supporting residents to live well

A diabetes diagnoses can be life changing, but with the right support it can be very manageable. For many older people who might be struggling to manage their condition at home, moving to aged care means they have the best possible support they need to continue to live well.

At Seabrae Manor, when residents first arrive at the home, the clinical team will sit down with them and their family to discuss how they have been managing at home. Once the team has a clear view of the resident’s history, they develop a personalised diabetes management plan which is regularly evaluated and modified to ensure they receive the best possible support for their condition.

The benefit of being in an aged care home is that residents have ongoing access to a range of health professionals who work with the team to optimise diet, movement, and health care. Residents are supported with monitoring glucose levels, and regular checks ensure eye, foot, and dental health are maintained.

Diet is key to good management of diabetes, and while many older people begin to neglect their nutrition, for residents at Seabrae Manor, fresh and nutritious chef cooked meals that are designed for their specific needs are an everyday part of life.

The team at Seabrae Manor is passionate about enhancing the quality of life of each resident regardless of their condition. Collaborating with other allied health professionals and working in partnership with the residents and their loved ones, means the home can provide an wholistic approach for each resident and their individual care needs.


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