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World Alzheimer's Day

The experienced team at Seabrae Manor Aged Care provides a successful, diverse, and engaging program to support residents who live with all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

The team at Seabrae Manor believes it is important to keep residents involved in the local community to enhance overall health. For residents living with dementia, they provide support to enhance the physical, social and cognitive wellbeing of residents. The lifestyle program caters to every resident and their own individual needs.

Residents enjoy the fun and structured programs on offer including activities to promote physical health such as group exercise, balance beam sessions, balloon tennis, seated soccer, light volleyball, walking groups, Tai Chi and Yoga. A highlight for many residents is the ‘achievement’ programs including Walk with Me which aims to destigmatise dementia the Mount Everest Climb where steps are collectively counted and celebrated as each base camp is achieved. A particular resident favourite was the Tour de France challenge where residents cycled on a recumbent bike and used hand and foot pedals, cycling hard while watching the Tour de France on the big screen.

Neighbouring school, Grace Lutheran College, often collaborates with Seabrae residents on some special projects including making and painting the stylised tiles and plaques that surround the raised garden beds in the memory unit and also the memoriam plaques that hang above the door frames in the memory unit. Residents also look forward to group art and craft sessions and sharing music with the students.

There are many cognitively stimulating activities on offer. From bingo, rummykub, Hoy, and our brain trainer activity, to putting on competitive hats when working together in the online quiz against other facilities, there is no time for residents to be bored. There is a sensory room where residents can enjoy scenic beach views and travel from the comfort of their home and they also enjoy music therapy including fun on the drum and singing along to classic tunes.

Regular outings are planned, and residents love attending theatre shows at the Redcliffe entertainment centre.

The team engages residents in community activities to promote a sense of fulfillment, pleasure, and achievement. Displaying reminders of this activity provides a regular opportunity to view and remember their involvement.

Seabrae Manor prides themselves on providing many opportunities for residents to participate in activities that support mental stimulation particularly for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to ensure they are happy and fulfilled.


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