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I still remember the day I met you.

Hank and Jan are residents of our wonderful community here at Seabrae Manor Aged Care. Valentine’s Day holds special memories for the couple as it was the day they first met. This Valentine’s Day, they have kindly shared with us their special love story that has grown from that first meeting.

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Jan: Hank and I met 35 years ago through friends on Valentine’s Day 1987. We had our first date dancing the night away at Kedron Wavell RSL.

What is your most memorable moment together?

Hank: We have a few memorable moments together. Getting married 30 years ago and having our family and friends to celebrate with us and being able to renew our vows with our Seabrae family.

Describe a tough time you’ve been through together.

Jan: When Hank had a stroke 24 years ago. It broke my heart to see my strong and vibrant husband disabled and having to go through ten months of rehabilitation learning how to do everything all over again.

What do you love most about each other?

Jan: I love the way Hank’s eyes light up and the big smile on his face when he sees me. I know I feel the same about him.

What’s your secret to a long and happy marriage?

Jan and Hank: Love, respect, trusting each other and making decisions together. Never walk out the front door without a kiss and an ‘I love you’.


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