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Food is love

For many of us, enjoying our food is more than just fulfilling our hunger, it’s about the experience, the joy, and the relaxing comfort we feel when we eat. For residents at Seabrae Manor Aged Care, not only do they get to enjoy the delicious and nutritious food from the menu as created by Head Chef, Sandra, and the kitchen team, but they also get to help craft the menu so that every meal is catered to their preferences.

Chef Sandra says that leading the kitchen team means that they are ‘contributing in a positive way to the health of our residents’ as eating is a social and cultural experience that brings people together.

For Seabrae Manor residents, Lyn and Geoff, their love for the food at our home means they are eating fresh and nutritious meals daily.

Geoff says that being served fresh food was an important decision for him when he moved into Seabrae Manor. ‘I have always had fresh food before coming to Seabrae, and it's good that I can still have and eat what I like. I want to be fit, for an old guy, and healthy,’ says Geoff.

For Lyn, the variety of meal options at the home means that she can still eat healthy despite her food intolerances. ‘I'll eat salmon every day of the week if I could. I am on a gluten free diet and can't eat prawns, so this is the closest for me’ says Lyn. ‘My favourite dessert is Pavlova, with the fresh fruit and cream. It's my favourite,’ she says.

Throughout the year, we have monthly takeaway nights where residents take in turn to choose what we eat and where from. From Italian food, to Chinese and Indian, these kinds of nights are highlights for residents who get to reminisce on past travel adventures.

The Chefs Table experience returned in June and is held regularly throughout the year. This night is not only a highlight for our kitchen staff, but our residents who get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a five-star dining experience complete with a three-course meal from the kitchen and a glass or two of bubbles. This is an opportunity for residents to get to know other residents as well as Facility Manager, Joyce Stephan.

For residents at Seabrae Manor, food is love and brings our residents together.

To find out more about nutritional wellness at our home, please speak to our friendly team on 07 3053 3333.


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