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Combatting loneliness

Loneliness in older adults is not only socially isolating but can also have a serious effect on health. Did you know that social isolation is associated with an approximately 50% increased risk of dementia and other medical conditions?

It’s important to realise that loneliness impacts everyone at some stage in their lives, no matter the age. Many seniors don’t realise how lonely they are until their circumstances change and they enter a warm and welcoming community such as Seabrae Manor Aged Care.

For resident, Patsy, living at Seabrae Manor Aged Care has meant she has overcome that feeling of loneliness and she finds herself being more social than she ever was at home. With no time to be bored, Patsy’s active life helps to keep her connected to our internal and external Seabrae community.

Continue reading her story below to see how living at Seabrae Manor Aged Care has enriched her life.

What do you enjoy most about living at Seabrae Manor Aged Care?

I love living at Seabrae as this is the best home I've ever had. The Seabrae Manor team are very understanding, and I get good care here. The Lifestyle program is different every month and there are many different activities on every day.

Have you felt less lonely since moving into the community?

I have lived in care many times throughout my life and the team at Seabrae are very understanding and caring. I sometimes struggle with loneliness at night; however, I find my relaxation, deep breathing and meditation sessions on my tablet help.

Has living at Seabrae Manor Aged Care helped increase your socialisation? Have you made some friends since moving in?

Yes, when I first came to Seabrae Manor, I was on a lot of medications and was overweight, and I did not feel well within myself. The staff at Seabrae helped me to reduce the amount of medications I was on, as well as reduce my weight through the wonderful food here. This has helped to improve my life significantly. I have also made many friends since living at here.

Do you have a special memory from when you first arrived at Seabrae Manor and what it was that made you feel welcomed?

When I arrived at Seabrae, it felt like everyone opened their arms and welcomed me in. It was like I was going to my home again, but a loving one.

How does Seabrae Manor Aged Care keep you connected to your family or loved ones?

The Seabrae staff assist and encourage me to get on the phone and talk to my family and friends, especially if I’m having a down day. The staff are wonderful and helped me to set up my tablet and taught me how to use it too. I can now call, video call and message my family and friends through Facebook to keep myself connected to everyone outside of the home.


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