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Back to the Classroom

In partnership with Grace Lutheran College and Seabrae Manor, we have managed to bring one of Joy’s dreams to life!

Grace Lutheran’s year 12 students, together with residents worked on a “one on one time” program. 2 students were allocated to spend time with a resident for 12 months. This experience allowed for each other to share stories, get to know each other and help to make a difference in their lives.

Students were given the task to take what they had learnt about their resident and present something special to them.

One of joy students mentioned how much she always wanted to be a teacher in her younger years. It was there and then that they decided to invite Joy to their classroom, and live out her wish to be a teacher, even for a short time. Upon Joy’s arrival, she was treated like royalty.

Joy listened as students shared, what they wanted to do after school, laughed at some of the career choices, but left them with this “Whatever you do in life, give it your all. Keep your eyes open and your ears open. If you need advice, talk to your parents”.

Together they took photos, shared more stories and as Joy was driven off campus by the campus buggy. She waved to the students and said “I love you all”. 


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