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A song in their hearts

After 65 years together, Bob can still remember the first time he laid eyes on Cherrol. She was, ‘shy and beautiful,’ he recalls. Bob had attended a dance and was introduced to Cherrol by a mutual friend who worked with her at the post office and that first meeting was the start of some beautiful music that is still playing in each of their hearts.

Bob says that night they had, ‘more than one dance,’ and Cherrol sang along to Too Young, by Nat King Cole – a song which remains a firm favourite for the couple.

‘Cherrol has a beautiful voice and loves to sing,’ said Bob, ‘she still sings to this day’.

The couple had 3 children and Bob forged a career in the Queensland Police Force where he rose to District Superintendent on the Gold Coast. He credits Cherrol with his success, saying she was always his strongest supporter, ‘I couldn’t have done it without her’.

The close-knit couple recently celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary, and both enjoyed the day with a visit to Redcliffe Beach, reminiscing, laughing, and soaking up the views, but music is never far away with this pair, ‘She serenaded me at the beach,’ laughed Bob, adding that Cherrol continued the singing over lunch too!

‘We have a laugh together, sing together, and now live at Seabrae Manor Aged care together. We had many wonderful memories, holidays and, we've never had a fight, maybe a disagreement or two and that's our secret. Happy in life, you got a good wife,’ said Bob.

When asked what was special about Bob, Cherrol smiled and said, ‘There's nothing I can say that is bad about him,’ then broke into a song, ‘If I was the only girl and you were the boy in the world,’ before Bob joined in the chorus. Not only does this special couple finish each other’s sentences, but they also finish each other’s lyrics.


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