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A place to call home

Ever wondered what life at our home looks like? For residents at Seabrae Manor, no two days are the same. With a range of activities and events happening round the clock, there’s always something for residents to look forward to.

We understand that placing a loved one into care can be a difficult decision often associated with guilt and stress, and that finding the right home is important. Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive and supportive environment for our residents' well-being.

For Seabrae Manor resident, Fred Finger, making the move into care came with hesitation. However, since moving into the home, he shares with us what the transition was like, and what he loves most about living at the home.

Fred said that his journey into Seabrae Manor Aged Care was an easier transition due to his wife previously being a resident at the home. ‘My wife was a resident here and was cared for by everyone, so that made it easy for me to move in,’ he said. ‘I saw a lot of familiar friendly faces and I met more people. I have a saying "good news grows" so if others can see something good happening, it grows. That's what it was like for me,’ Fred says.

Fred says that he particularly appreciates the cleanliness of our home. ‘I really like the cleanliness of the place, like my room, it is always kept clean,’ he says. For many residents, moving into care means that they can enjoy sitting back to relax, as many household chores are taken care of by staff. Fred can now enjoy the convenience of having things like his meals prepared for and laundry taken care of, allowing him to focus on the activities he loves. ‘I am well looked after here. All my meals are cooked. My washing is done. If I have any issues, it can be sorted out by the staff, they are great. I can do my own thing and still do things I always have done if I was still at home,’ Fred adds.

At Seabrae Manor, we encourage residents to get involved in daily activities at the home, to engage with other residents, keep mentally and physically active, and maintain a sense of responsibility. Fred says that he is pretty independent and actively engages in various tasks at the home. ‘I help water the gardens at the front entrance, bring in or raise the flag, help folding napkins in the café, and enjoy having a chat with some of the others who are also helping,’ he says. General activities like these allows residents like Fred to continue participating in activities that he has been familiar with throughout his life.

Maintaining independence is important for Fred, who continues to visit a long-time friend who lives nearby. ‘I still ride my bike and visit my good friend who lives in the village just around the corner from here. He is a friend I have known forever,’ he shares. Fred said he also continues to engage in activities he loved prior to his life at Seabrae Manor. ‘My son and my son-in-law are both ministers in our church, and my daughter plays the piano. They pick me up on Sundays for church and mid-week.’ he says.

Fred's perspective on the staff at Seabrae Manor is overwhelmingly positive. When asked what the staff are like at the home, Fred describes them as, ‘Very good, I think excellent.’ Fred said he also acknowledges their support and appreciates the sense of humour they bring daily.

For those considering placing a loved one in aged care, Fred shares invaluable advice: ‘Don't leave it too late,’ he emphasises. ’Maybe it’s hard to accept you need help, or maybe families find it challenging. This can make the adaptation process more difficult, but the key is not to leave it too late.’

Our dedicated team at Seabrae Manor Aged Care are here to guide and support residents and their families when making the move into care. If you’re considering aged care for you or a loved one, book a private tour of our home and have all your questions answered by our friendly team.


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