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The Manor's moving

At Seabrae Manor, exercise and movement is one of the priorities for the leisure and lifestyle team. Their program is designed to enhance muscle strength, improve balance and coordination, and helps residents to stay interested in their physical, mental and social wellbeing. The list of activities to choose from is endless with something to suit everyone regardless of ability.

The balance beam class, led by the physiotherapy team, is one of the most popular classes along with the bike club where residents enjoy peddling along to their favourite music on the large screen TV or can take a virtual bike tour around their favourite destination.

For residents who prefer more gentle exercise, seated yoga and tai chi in the afternoons allows for mindful relaxation while focusing on breathwork.

Walking group in the mornings along Buchanan Street excites residents as they wave to the horses in the opposite paddock, and for those who like to venture a little further to Bunnings, a coffee and cake upon arrival is a highlight. Residents also look forward to commencing swimming this year as another form of cardio to get involved in.

For resident, Neville, swimming was something he did every day before moving into Seabrae Manor. Three years ago, his health slowly declined with polio and nine months ago, he lost use of his right leg and was told he wouldn’t walk again. At Seabrae Manor he was provided with an eight-week training course to help him adjust his lifestyle and improve his health, so he began swimming. Neville says, ‘Since coming to Seabrae Manor, I joined all the exercise classes in particular the last 6-8 weeks and I now have use of my right leg’.

‘Every physical activity they have on the program, I'm there,’ says Neville, with his favourite classes being the balance beam and physiotherapist exercise classes. He would like to get back into riding on the recumbent exercise bike sometime soon and is considering participating in the swimming initiative later this year.

When asked what exercise means to him, Neville responds, ‘It fills my day, then meeting my friends in the café for a cuppa and a chat is always good. I might even join the upcoming balance beam and beers class’.


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