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Sustainability at Seabrae

With our planet slowly choking on plastic, it is important that we acknowledge the sustainable efforts at Seabrae Manor, in light of World Environment Day on Monday 5 June 2023.

As a home, we do our best to ensure that we implement sustainable practices including recycling and growing our own fresh vegetables and herbs.

With a busy social calendar, residents engage in a variety of activities, helping them to design the life they wish to lead, with many residents favouring the outdoors, gardening, and environmental practices.

For those who have a passion for gardening, residents spend a lot of time planting flowers and growing vegetables to beautify our home. This is a favourite activity among residents because our home-grown vegetables are then shared with staff and family members and are utilised in our lifestyle program for residents to eat and enjoy.

We also ensure residents are involved by sharing family recipes with the home for others to experience. Our wonderful resident, Greg shares that before coming to Seabrae Manor, he used to home grow green beans, and a favourite recipe for him growing up was his mother’s traditional slow cooked lamb and beans recipe.

This was a highlight when our lifestyle team cooked up this hearty meal that was shared with other residents and staff. Greg said, ‘It tastes very close to my mother’s recipe, but nothing tastes quite the same. I have been waiting to try this and I’m very happy’. This was a very special moment and brought back many happy childhood memories for Greg.

We feel lucky to have also had our local Bunnings come to our home and help us build our very own herb garden, which we cut fresh herbs from regularly for the kitchen to use in our meals. This also means that growing our own produce means that our veggies are free from chemicals helping us to eat organic produce.


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